Opeth Wide Painting Brush Set of 5 pcs

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Unleash your painting potential with Opeth Wide Brush Set – 5 pieces. Ideal for priming and undercoating. A must-have for Jordanian artists.

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For Artists Who Dream Big

The Opeth Wide Painting Brush Set of 5 is a dream come true for artists who love to work on large canvases and create bold, expressive art. Whether you’re a professional painter or a passionate hobbyist in Jordan, this set is your key to unlocking the full potential of your art.

Multifunctional Excellence

These brushes are designed to be true workhorses in your artistic toolkit. They excel in priming and undercoating paintings, ensuring that your canvas is prepared perfectly for your creative vision. These absorbent brushes make the process effortless, allowing you to focus on your art.

Opeth: A Brand You Can Trust

Opeth is a name that artists worldwide trust. Their commitment to quality and craftsmanship shines through in these brushes. When you use Opeth brushes, you’re not just painting; you’re creating art with tools that have earned their reputation.

Precision in Wide Strokes

Each brush in this set is carefully crafted to deliver precise and wide strokes. The broad brush head allows you to cover large areas with ease, while the absorbent bristles ensure an even and consistent application.

Key Features:

Perfect Set for Big Projects

This set includes 5 brushes, making it ideal for large-scale projects where wide strokes are essential.

Multifunctional Use

Designed for priming and undercoating, these brushes are versatile tools for artists of all kinds.

Opeth Quality

As a trusted brand, Opeth guarantees the quality of these brushes, so you can focus on your art without worry.

Broad Brush Head

The broad brush head delivers wide and precise strokes, enhancing your artistic expression.

Jordanian Artistry

This set is a valuable addition to the toolkit of artists in Jordan, whether they’re professionals or passionate hobbyists.

The Opeth Wide Painting Brush Set of 5 is more than just a set of brushes; it’s your key to unlocking your painting potential and creating stunning, large-scale works of art.

With the Opeth Wide Painting Brush Set of 5, you’re not just getting brushes; you’re gaining a set of versatile companions that adapt to your artistic needs. Make them an essential part of your toolkit and experience the power of precision and creativity in Jordan.


  • Set: 5 brushes
  • Brand: Opeth

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