Mont Marte Watercolour Brush Set

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Elevate your watercolor art with Mont Marte’s Brush Set – 10 natural hair brushes. Comes with a zip case for travel convenience. Ideal for beginners and pros, offering versatility and quality.

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Unleash Your Creativity

The Mont Marte Watercolour Brush Set is more than just a collection of brushes; it’s your gateway to a world of watercolor excellence. Crafted with precision and care, these brushes are designed to empower artists to create magnificent watercolor artworks.

The Beauty of Natural Hair Bristles

What sets these brushes apart is the use of natural hair bristles. They are the ideal choice for watercolor projects, as they hold water and pigment exceptionally well. This results in smoother, more controlled brushstrokes and the ability to achieve various watercolor techniques with ease.

Protect Your Investment

The set includes a handy zip case that’s not just for convenience but also for the protection and preservation of your brushes. When you’re on the go or simply want to keep your tools organized, this case ensures that your brushes are safe and ready for your next creative venture.

Versatility in Watercolor

These brushes are suitable for a wide range of watercolor techniques. Whether you’re creating washes, glazes, or intricate details, they adapt to your artistic needs. Elevate your landscapes, portraits, still lifes, and more with the Mont Marte Watercolour Brush Set.

Perfect Introduction to Watercolor

For those starting their journey in the world of watercolor, this set is the perfect introduction. It includes a variety of brush types and sizes, allowing you to experiment with different techniques and discover your unique style.

Great for Travel

The compact and convenient short-handled ergonomic brushes are great for travel. Whether you’re painting on the go or attending art classes, this set is your reliable companion.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Set

This set includes a variety of natural hair bristled brushes, offering versatility for different watercolor techniques and projects.

Natural Hair Bristles

The use of natural hair bristles ensures excellent water and pigment retention, resulting in precise and controlled brushwork.

Zip Case for Protection

The convenient zip case not only provides portability but also safeguards your brushes during travel, extending their lifespan.

Watercolor Excellence

These brushes are designed to meet the demands of watercolor artists, whether they’re professionals or emerging talents.

Ideal for Painting with Watercolors

These brushes are specifically designed for watercolors, making them your ideal tools for creating vibrant and captivating watercolor art.

Jordanian Artistry

Catering to artists in Jordan, this brush set is designed to meet their unique creative needs in the world of watercolor art.

The Mont Marte Water color Brush Set is more than just brushes; it’s your companion for achieving watercolor excellence in Jordan.

With the Mont Marte Water color Brush Set, you’re not just getting brushes; you’re gaining tools that empower you to create precision and add depth to your artwork. Make them an essential part of your toolkit and experience the power of control and creativity in Jordan.


  • Set: Mont Marte Watercolour Brush Set
  • Brushes Included:
    • 1 x Flat Shader 4
    • 1 x Round 8
    • 1 x Flat Shader 10
    • 1 x Oval Wash 3/4
    • 1 x Flat 1"
    • 1 x Flat Wash 3/4
    • 1 x Filbert 6
    • 1 x Round 4
    • 1 x Round 2
    • 1 x Round 0

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