Sunshine Glow Kids’ Finger Paint

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Spark creativity with Sunshine Glow Kids’ Finger Paint! Non-toxic and vibrant, this 1000ml jar in brilliant yellow ignites imagination for endless artistic possibilities.

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Discover Creativity with Sunshine Glow Kids’ Finger Paint

Introducing Sunshine Glow Kids’ Finger Paint, an artful masterpiece designed to inspire and delight young artists. Created with utmost care for safety and expression, our non-toxic and acid-free formula offers a canvas of endless possibilities. Whether your child is a budding artist or simply loves to explore their imagination, Sunshine Glow Finger Paint is the perfect catalyst for their creative journey.

Key Features:

  • Non-Toxic Formula: Prioritizing your child’s safety, our Finger Paint is crafted with a non-toxic formula that ensures worry-free artistic exploration.
  • Acid-Free Composition: The acid-free nature of our paint guarantees that your child’s creations remain vibrant and intact over time.
  • Vibrant Yellow Hue: The captivating yellow hue of Sunshine Glow Finger Paint ignites imagination and spreads joy, making every stroke a masterpiece.
  • Generous 1000ml Size: With a substantial 1000ml capacity, our Finger Paint encourages hours of creativity without interruption.

For Jordanian Young Artists:

Nurturing creativity in the heart of Jordan, Sunshine Glow Kids’ Finger Paint is more than just a product—it’s a gateway to artistic expression. Tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of the Jordanian market, our Finger Paint aligns seamlessly with the values of safety, education, and inspiration cherished by Jordanian parents. It’s the go-to choice for parents, educators, and art enthusiasts who seek to empower young minds through creativity.

Ignite Imagination and Nurture Expression:

In an increasingly digital world, fostering creativity is essential. Sunshine Glow Finger Paint is a tool that enables children to explore their artistic potential, experiment, and create without limits. The vibrant yellow hue stimulates imagination and encourages free expression through art. From creating masterpieces to enjoying carefree play, our Finger Paint nurtures dreams and empowers young artists.

Unleash the brilliance of your child’s imagination with Sunshine Glow Kids’ Finger Paint. Elevate their creative journey with a non-toxic, acid-free formula that guarantees safety and vibrant expression. Let their artistry shine and watch as they create a world filled with sunshine and creativity.


  • Product Name: Sunshine Glow Kids' Finger Paint
  • Color: Yellow
  • Size: 1000ml
  • Safety: Non-Toxic, Acid-Free
  • Suitable for: Children of all ages
  • Ideal for: Artistic exploration, Creative playtime
  • Recommended for: Parents, Early childhood educators, Art enthusiasts
  • Usage: Paper, cardboard, various art surfaces

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