Red Apple Finger Paint 500ml variety of colors

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Inspire creativity with Red Apple Finger Paint. Our 500ml set offers vibrant colors, safety-tested for kids. Let your child explore endless possibilities.

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Unleash Your Child’s Creativity with Red Apple Finger Paint

Are you looking for a way to nurture your child’s artistic spirit? Red Apple Finger Paint is here to inspire, engage, and ignite the imagination of your little one. Our 500ml-sized set is a treasure trove of colors, carefully selected to awaken your child’s creativity and provide ample supplies for countless art sessions.

A Rainbow of Colors

In the heart of Jordan, where art and culture flourish, Red Apple Finger Paint brings you a palette of vivid and lively colors. From bold reds that evoke passion to brilliant blues that mirror the endless skies of the desert, and cheerful yellows that capture the warmth of the Jordanian sun, our finger paint set encompasses the spirit of this beautiful nation. These colors will stimulate your child’s senses and encourage them to express themselves freely.

Safety First

At Red Apple, the safety of your child is our top priority. Our finger paint is meticulously crafted to be non-toxic and free from harmful substances. We adhere to the strict EN 71 standards, ensuring that our product meets the highest safety requirements for children’s art materials. As a parent, you can have complete confidence in the quality and safety of our finger paint, allowing your child to explore the world of art with peace of mind.

Easy Cleanup

We understand that creativity can sometimes be messy. That’s why we’ve designed our finger paint with a water-based formula. It’s incredibly easy to clean and wash off from little hands, clothes, and surfaces. No need to worry about stains or hours of cleanup. Red Apple Finger Paint provides the freedom to let your child’s imagination run wild while keeping your surroundings tidy.

Sensory Satisfaction

The sensory experience is vital for a child’s development, and our finger paint delivers just that. The smooth and creamy texture of our paint provides a tactile delight for your child’s fingertips. They’ll love the feeling of the paint gliding across the paper, creating textures and patterns that are uniquely their own. Red Apple Finger Paint transforms art into an engaging sensory journey.

Unlock Endless Creativity

Art is not just about colors on paper; it’s about imagination and self-expression. Red Apple Finger Paint encourages your child’s artistic development by letting them explore various techniques. Whether they’re creating finger paintings that tell stories, handprints that capture memories, or imaginative artworks that transport them to new worlds, our finger paint set will bring out the joy and excitement of art exploration in your little one.

Key Features:

  • Generous 500ml Size: Provides an ample supply for numerous art sessions, allowing your child’s creativity to flow freely.
  • Vibrant Colors: From bold reds to brilliant blues and cheerful yellows, our set offers a wide range of colors for endless artistic possibilities.
  • Safety Assurance: Non-toxic and conforms to EN 71 standards, ensuring the highest safety requirements for children’s art materials.
  • Easy Cleanup: Water-based formula washes off effortlessly from hands, clothes, and surfaces, making cleanup a breeze.
  • Sensory Delight: Smooth and creamy texture provides a satisfying sensory experience, enhancing your child’s artistic journey.

In a world where creativity knows no bounds, Red Apple Finger Paint is your child’s passport to artistic exploration. Order now and watch your little artist flourish!


  • Product Name: Red Apple Finger Paint
  • Quantity: 500ml
  • Variety of Colors
  • Non-toxic and Harmful Substance-Free
  • Water-based Formula
  • Conforms to EN 71 Standards

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