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Enhance crafts with Decorete Silica Sand. Perfect for building, playgrounds, and decor. Create intricate designs effortlessly.

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Decorete Silica Sand: Nature’s Versatile Medium

Decorete’s Silica Sand is a premium, natural silica stone harvested from the scenic south of Jordan. Carefully washed and graded to meet stringent quality standards, this silica sand is a versatile and top-quality choice for a wide range of applications.

Crafting Excellence

One of the most beloved uses of Decorete’s Silica Sand is in crafting. Its fine and uniform grains make it an ideal medium for creating intricate designs, patterns, and textured artwork. Crafters adore its natural color, which adds depth and character to any project. Moreover, the possibilities for creative projects are endless when you explore its potential for coloring using Decorex Pigments.

Beyond Crafting: A Multifaceted Product

Decorete’s Silica Sand extends its value to various applications:

1. Building Projects: It finds its place in sand cement mortars, enhancing the stability and durability of construction projects.

2. Children’s Playgrounds: The uniform size of the grains makes it an excellent choice for children’s playgrounds, providing a safe and enjoyable environment.

3. Pet Care: It’s a common choice in litter boxes for cats due to its excellent absorption properties.

4. Water Filtration: Its effectiveness in removing impurities and providing a stable base makes it a popular choice in fish aquariums and water filters.

5. Epoxy Crafts: An exciting use is in epoxy crafts. When combined with epoxy, it can mimic the appearance of sandy beaches, making it perfect for beach-themed decor and art projects.

The Perfect Choice for Texture and Depth

Decorete’s Silica Sand is a versatile and high-quality product, adding texture, depth, and natural beauty to a wide array of projects. Whether you’re a crafter seeking to elevate your creations or a builder in need of stable mortar, this silica sand is your reliable companion. Its natural charm and compatibility with Decorex Pigments make it the ultimate choice for crafting, while its various other applications highlight its popularity in construction, water filtration, and pet care industries.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the beauty and versatility of Decorete Silica Sand. Order now and enhance your projects with the natural wonder of Jordan’s silica sand.


  • Material: Natural Silica Stone
  • Source: Sourced from the south of Jordan
  • Processing: Carefully washed and graded to meet quality standards
  • Grain Size: Available in 300 micron, 600 micron, and 3 mm variants
  • Color: Natural
  • Compatibility: Can be colored using Decorex Pigments
  • Weight Options: 1.5 kg, 6 kg

300 micron, 3mm, 600 micron


1.5 kg, 6 kg

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