Decorete Repair Mix | Fast, Long-Lasting Concrete Repairs

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High Build repair mortar 5Kg

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Introducing Decorete Repair Mix, the ultimate solution to all your concrete repair needs! This remarkable product is designed to bring back the beauty of your walls, floors, and ceilings with fast-setting, long-lasting repairs that can be painted or coated over. Say goodbye to unsightly cracks, chips, and damages with the ease and convenience of Decorete Repair Mix.

No more worrying about the weather, as this product is suitable for all climates. Its one-component easy-to-mix formula saves you time and energy, providing excellent results every time. With Decorete Repair Mix, you can achieve concrete patches ranging from 3mm up to 13mm in one layer, and for larger thicknesses, simply add aggregate as required.

Using Decorete Repair Mix is a breeze. First, clean the area to be repaired from all debris and contaminants. Then, mix the product with clean water to a uniform consistency. For better results, wet the concrete surface with water, and for optimal adhesion, prime it with Deco bond before applying Decorete Repair Mix. Finally, cure the repaired area with water or preferably with Deco bond, and let the magic happen.

With Decorete Repair Mix, you don’t just get a product, but an emotion of satisfaction, pride, and relief. It gives you the power to take control of your surroundings and make it look like new again. From its fast-setting properties to its long-lasting repairs, Decorete Repair Mix is the ultimate choice for anyone who wants to keep their surroundings looking pristine. So why wait? Get your hands on Decorete Repair Mix today and experience the joy of a job well done!

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