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Bridge Paper Tape is the ultimate solution for precise masking, marking, and protection in various industries. Crafted from the finest materials and designed to meet the demands of professionals, our premium paper tape offers superior quality, versatility, and reliability. Choose from a range of grades, each with adjustable adhesion values and paper thickness, to ensure your specific application needs are met. Whether you require sharp, well-defined paint lines, intricate color separation, or a reliable masking solution for your project, Bridge Paper Tape has you covered.

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Bridge Paper Tape: Your Partner for Precision and Quality

Are you in search of the perfect masking, marking, and protection solution for your projects? Look no further. Bridge Paper Tape, handcrafted from the finest materials, is your answer. With its exceptional craftsmanship and versatility, Bridge Paper Tape is the preferred choice for professionals in various industries.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Craftsmanship: Bridge Paper Tape is meticulously made from the finest materials, guaranteeing exceptional performance and reliability. Crafted to perfection, it meets the high standards of professionals.
  2. Multiple Grades: We understand that different applications require different characteristics. That’s why we offer Bridge Paper Tape in various grades, each with adjustable adhesion values and paper thickness. You can choose the grade that perfectly matches your specific requirements.
  3. Wide Range of Applications: Bridge Paper Tape is suitable for a multitude of applications, making it an invaluable asset across numerous industries. Some of the key areas it excels in include:
    • Color Separation: In the printing and artwork industry, our paper tape is frequently used for color separation. Its precise masking capabilities make it the ideal choice for separating different colors in designs and images.
    • Painting: Whether applied by hand or spray, Bridge Paper Tape offers reliability and accuracy in painting applications. It ensures clean and well-defined lines, making it the preferred choice for professional painters.
    • Furniture Making: Furniture manufacturers often use paper tape to mark and mask off areas for painting, varnishing, or other finishing processes.
    • Automotive and Aircraft Painting: Industries such as automotive and aviation rely on Bridge Paper Tape for masking areas during painting processes, ensuring sharp and well-defined paint lines.
    • Appliance Manufacturing: Bridge Paper Tape plays a pivotal role in appliance manufacturing. It is used to mark, mask, and protect surfaces during various production stages.
    • Decorative Glass Making: Glass artists and manufacturers choose Bridge Paper Tape to create intricate and precise designs on glass surfaces.
    • Powder Coating: This essential tape is used for preparing surfaces in powder coating applications, providing the necessary masking and protection during the coating process.
    • Plating: Industries involved in plating processes use Bridge Paper Tape to protect specific areas from plating solutions, ensuring selective and precise plating.
    • Sandblasting: In applications like sandblasting, Bridge Paper Tape helps mask off and protect areas that should not be exposed to abrasive materials.
  4. Variety of Paper Colors: Bridge Paper Tape comes in various paper colors, offering options from white (bleached) to light tan (semibleached) and dark tan (unbleached). This variety allows you to choose the tape that best suits your visual and functional needs.
  5. Diverse Saturants: Our paper tape’s backing can be saturated with various materials, including natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, and water-based latexes. This ensures that the tape provides the desired adhesion and performance for specific applications.
  6. Advanced Adhesives: The adhesive used in Bridge Paper Tape is typically natural rubber, but we also offer options with hot melt adhesives. These adhesives ensure that the tape adheres effectively and securely.
  7. Silicone-Based Release Coating: To prevent layers of tape from sticking together on the roll and to counteract delamination issues, Bridge Paper Tape features silicone-based release coatings on the reverse side of the paper carrier.

Bridge Paper Tape is your partner in achieving professional results in your projects. It offers quality, precision, and reliability that professionals across various industries trust. When precision, quality, and reliability matter, choose Bridge Paper Tape to ensure outstanding results in your projects. Don’t compromise on the quality of your work; select Bridge Paper Tape for exceptional performance.

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Upgrade your masking, marking, and protection processes with Bridge Paper Tape. It’s the choice of professionals and industries across various sectors. When precision, quality, and reliability matter, choose Bridge Paper Tape to ensure outstanding results in your projects.


  • Country of Origin: UAE
  • Manufacturer: Bridge
  • Product Code: 122/25
  • Grades: Multiple available
  • Width: Various widths
  • Material: Finest quality paper
  • Adhesive: Natural rubber and hot melt options

12mm, 19mm, 25mm

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