INGCO Wire Stripping Pliers

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The INGCO Wire Stripping Pliers are your indispensable tools for safely and efficiently removing insulation from electric wires. Designed with precision in China, these pliers offer a range of features, including cable stripping, cutting wires, safety locks, lightweight build, and a comfortable rubber handle for extended use. Ideal for both industrial use and DIY projects in Jordan.

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Your Essential Wire Handling Tool

Wire stripping is a fundamental task in various industries, from electrical work to DIY projects. The INGCO Wire Stripping Pliers are designed to make this task easier, safer, and more efficient. Whether you’re a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast in Jordan, these pliers are your go-to tool.

The Art of Wire Stripping

Wire strippers are hand-held tools that resemble a pair of pliers or scissors, and they are a crucial part of any electrician’s toolkit. These tools are primarily used to strip the insulation off the end of wires. The INGCO Wire Stripping Pliers are equipped with slotted cutting blades in their jaws, making wire stripping a breeze.

Technical Excellence

The INGCO Wire Stripping Pliers stand out with their technical excellence, ensuring precision and safety in wire handling. Let’s explore their key features:

Key Features:

Versatile Wire Handling

These pliers are capable of cable stripping, as well as cutting wires, making them versatile for various tasks.

Safety Lock

A safety lock feature ensures that the pliers are securely locked when not in use, preventing accidents and enhancing safety.

Lightweight Build

The pliers are designed to be lightweight, reducing hand fatigue during extended use, and promoting efficiency.

High-Quality Workmanship

Quality is paramount with INGCO products. These pliers are meticulously crafted to ensure their reliability and longevity.

Comfortable Rubber Handle

The rubber handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to use the pliers for extended periods without discomfort.

Enhanced Wire Handling

The INGCO Wire Stripping Pliers are engineered for a wide range of wire management tasks. Whether you’re dealing with electrical repairs, rewiring, or custom DIY projects in Jordan, these pliers simplify the process. They are an essential tool for safely and efficiently working with wires.

The INGCO Wire Stripping Pliers are your indispensable tools for wire handling. Whether you’re a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast in Jordan, these pliers make your wire stripping tasks safer, efficient, and more precise.

Enhance your wire handling with the INGCO Wire Stripping Pliers. Order now and experience the precision and safety they offer in your projects.


  • Product Name: INGCO Wire Stripping Pliers
  • Size: 6 inches
  • Model Number: HWSP28160
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Manufacturer: INGCO

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