6 Watt LED UV Lamp

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Try our 6 Watt LED Lamp for fast UV epoxy curing. Compact and durable, it accelerates resin solidification, ensuring efficient results.

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Introducing our cutting-edge 6 Watt LED UV Epoxy Curing Lamp, the ultimate solution for precision and efficiency in your epoxy resin projects. This advanced curing lamp is specifically designed to accelerate the curing process of UV-sensitive epoxy materials, ensuring rapid and thorough solidification for your creative masterpieces. The 6-watt power output provides a perfect balance of intensity and energy efficiency, giving you the optimal conditions for curing without compromising on performance.

Equipped with high-quality UV LEDs, this lamp emits a narrow wavelength range essential for activating photo initiators in UV epoxy, resulting in a swift and reliable curing process. The compact and sleek design enhances user convenience, allowing for precise positioning and easy integration into your workspace. The durable construction ensures longevity, while the built-in cooling mechanism prevents overheating during extended use.

Say goodbye to long curing times and hello to efficiency with our 6 Watt LED UV Epoxy Curing Lamp. Whether you’re a professional artist, DIY enthusiast, or crafting hobbyist, this lamp is your trusted companion for achieving flawless results in less time.


  • Product Name: UV LED Nail Lamp
  • Suitable for: Curing almost all nail glues, including LED gel and UV gel
  • UV + LED Dual Light Source: Yes
  • Automatic Sensor: Yes
  • LCD Display: Yes

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