Resin Painting | Fluid Resin on Canvas | 100*150cm

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Elevate your space with our mesmerizing epoxy resin painting

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Introducing our stunning epoxy resin painting on canvas, the epitome of art and beauty! This masterpiece is sure to capture your heart and evoke emotions you never knew existed. Measuring at an impressive 100*150cm, it’s the perfect size to complement your living room or bedroom decor.

The fluidity of acrylic colors, gracefully interwoven with black, gold, and grey hues, creates a mesmerizing effect that will leave you spellbound. Each stroke of the brush is an expression of passion and artistry, a testament to the artist’s skills and creativity.

This painting is not just a work of art, it’s a journey into the depths of your soul. It speaks to you on a personal level, reminding you of the beauty that surrounds us every day. Hang it in your home, and watch as it transforms your space into a sanctuary of calm and tranquility.

The process of creating this masterpiece takes time and dedication, which is why we request a notice period of 10 days from ordering. This ensures that every stroke of the brush is given the attention it deserves, resulting in a painting that will last a lifetime.

In summary, our epoxy resin painting on canvas is not just another painting, it’s a statement piece that speaks to your soul. It’s a must-have for anyone who appreciates art, paintings, and drawings, and who wants to elevate their decor to the next level.

Dimensions 100 × 150 cm

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