Quran Stand and Bookmark Set

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Discover elegance with our Resin Quran Stand and Bookmark Set. Choose between Golden or Baby Pink, both adorned with gold leaves and accessories.

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Elevate Your Reading Experience with Resin Quran Stand

Enhance your reading experience with our exquisite Resin Quran Stand and Bookmark Set. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, meticulously crafted with precision and care. Choose between two stunning options – Golden or Baby Pink – each designed to elevate your spiritual journey.

Golden Stand with Gold Leaves and Accessories

The Golden variant of our Quran Stand and Bookmark Set exudes opulence. The stand, adorned with intricate gold leaves and accessories, adds a touch of grandeur to your sacred space. Embrace the elegance of gold, symbolizing purity and spiritual richness.

Baby Pink Stand with Gold Leaves and Accessories

For those who prefer a softer touch, the Baby Pink variant offers a delicate aesthetic. The stand, complemented by gold leaves and accessories, brings a sense of tranquility and warmth to your reading nook. Perfect for creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Resin Material: Meticulously crafted with high-quality resin for durability and a polished finish.
  2. Gold Paper Detailing: The stand features gold leaves and accessories, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication.
  3. Thoughtful Gift for Ramadan and Mother’s Day: Ideal for celebrating Ramadan or expressing love on Mother’s Day.
  4. 30 cm Size: Designed for stability and aesthetic charm in your sacred space.
  5. 7-Day Crafting Process: Each set undergoes a handcrafted 7-day process, ensuring attention to detail and quality.

Perfect Gift for Special Occasions

This set makes for a meaningful and elegant gift, perfect for special occasions like the holy month of Ramadan or expressing gratitude on Mother’s Day. Elevate the spiritual experience of your loved ones with this unique and beautiful accessory.


The Resin Quran Stand and Bookmark Set goes beyond being a functional accessory; it’s a statement of elegance and spirituality. Choose the variant that resonates with you, making this set a cherished part of your reading rituals.

Ensure readability by using more active voice, incorporating transition words, and simplifying sentences for a smoother reading experience.


  • Material: resin and gold paper
  • Size: 30 cm
  • Color Options: Golden or Baby Pink
  • Crafting Time: 7 days
  • Occasions: Ideal for Ramadan and Mother's Day gifting
  • Included: Quran Stand and matching Bookmark

Golden, Baby Pink

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