Decorete Metallic Pigments 11 Vibrant Colors

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Enhance projects with Decorete Metallic Pigments. These coated mica nanoparticles provide captivating depth and pearlescent finishes when mixed with clear epoxy resin. Perfect for crafts, coatings, and interior floorings.

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Captivating Special-Effect Pigments

Decorete Metallic Pigments are your ticket to crafting finishes with a captivating aspect and depth effect. Composed of meticulously coated mica nanoparticles, these pigments offer unique results that transcend the ordinary. Whether you’re a seasoned artisan or an aspiring DIY enthusiast, these pigments are designed to add a touch of magic to your projects.

A Play of Light and Color

The magic of Decorete Metallic Pigments unfolds when they blend with clear epoxy resin products. The result is a pearlescent finish that dances with light, creating a dramatic color effect through light interference and absorption. This unique interaction between the pigments and light ensures that your projects stand out and catch the eye.

Versatile Applications

Decorete Metallic Pigments are ready to shine in a range of applications:

1. Resinous Interior Floorings: Transform interior floors into stunning works of art. Decorete Metallic Pigments can be seamlessly integrated into resinous flooring projects, adding depth and character to your space.

2. Epoxy Resin Crafts: Elevate your craft projects with a touch of metallic allure. These pigments are the perfect addition to your epoxy resin creations, ensuring that your crafts sparkle with elegance.

3. Resin-Based Coatings: If you’re working with resin-based coatings, Decorete Metallic Pigments are your secret to creating finishes that leave a lasting impression.

How to Unleash the Magic

To ensure the full potential of Decorete Metallic Pigments, follow these simple instructions:

Step 1 – Premix Part A: Use a clean mixing tool and blend Part A individually at low speed (300-450 rpm) for two minutes. Then, add the Decorete metallic pigments to Part A and mix for two minutes or more until you achieve a homogeneous mixture. These premixing steps minimize unwanted effects, such as circles or comet drags.

Step 2 – Combine Parts A and B: In a clean container free of any external particles, combine Part A with Part B. With a clean mixing tool, mix thoroughly for three minutes or more until you have a completely homogeneous mixture. Use a low-speed drill-type mixer (300-450 rpm) to minimize air entrapment in the product. It’s recommended to activate the mixer in reverse mode after the first 90 seconds to ensure thorough mixing from the bottom to the top. Be sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing container to ensure no unmixed material remains. Only mix the quantity of product required based on the pot life and the working time needed.

Packaging and Storage

Decorete Metallic Pigments are conveniently available in 50gm and 100gm plastic containers. To ensure the quality of your pigments, keep containers tightly closed when not in use and store them in dry conditions.

Consumption and Dosage

For the best results, the recommended dosage is around 10 gm per liter of resin. However, consumption may vary depending on the desired depth and tone of color needed for your project.

Elevate your creative projects and unlock a world of captivating finishes with Decorete Metallic Pigments. Order your set of special-effect pigments today and let your creativity shine.


  • Brand: Decorete
  • Type: Special-Effect Pigments
  • Available Colors: 11 Vibrant Colors
  • Packaging: 50gm and 100gm plastic containers

Black, Blue, Brown, Copper, Gold dark, Gold light, Gold medium, Green, Pink, Vinous, White


100g, 50g

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