Giorgione Watercolors – Vibrant and Smooth 12x6ml Tubes

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Explore Giorgione Watercolors, a premium set with 12 vibrant 6ml tubes. Enjoy effortless application and precise blending. Non-toxic and safe for all artists in Jordan.

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Elevate Your Artistic Journey with Giorgione Watercolors

Are you an artist looking to elevate your creative expression? Do you have a passion for watercolor painting? Look no further than Giorgione Watercolors. Designed with artists of all skill levels in mind, this premium watercolor set unlocks your artistic potential. With 12 vibrant and opaque 6ml tubes of high-quality paint, you can explore the world of watercolor with depth and richness.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant and Matt Colors: Known for lively and matt colors, Giorgione Watercolors make your artworks shine.
  • Smooth Consistency: Enjoy effortless application and precise control for blending and detailing.
  • Versatile Palette: 12 essential colors for a wide range of artistic expressions.
  • Safety First: Complies with European standards EN71 and American standards ASTMD-4236, ensuring non-toxic and safe painting.

Vibrant and Matt Colors

Giorgione Watercolors are renowned for their lively and matt colors. When you use these watercolors, your artworks come alive with depth and richness. Whether you’re creating captivating landscapes, intricate portraits, or vibrant illustrations, these watercolors add that extra dimension to your art. Every stroke captures the essence of your creativity.

Smooth Consistency for Effortless Application

One of the hallmarks of Giorgione Watercolors is their smooth consistency. When you dip your brush into these watercolors, you’ll notice how effortlessly they glide onto your canvas or paper. This feature is particularly important for watercolor artists as it allows for precise control and blending, enabling you to achieve the desired effects in your artwork.

A Versatile Palette

The Giorgione Watercolor set includes an array of essential colors:

  1. Primary lemon yellow
  2. Titanium white
  3. Cadmium light red
  4. Primary magenta
  5. Cerulean blue
  6. Ultramarine blue
  7. Primary phthalo blue
  8. Cyan blue
  9. Yellow ochre
  10. Sap green
  11. Burnt umber
  12. Ivory black

These colors provide a versatile palette for a wide range of artistic expressions. Whether you’re working on a vivid landscape or a delicate portrait, you’ll find the perfect shades within this set.

Safety Compliance

Your safety is a top priority. Giorgione Watercolors comply with European standards EN71 and American standards ASTMD-4236, ensuring that they are non-toxic and safe for artists of all ages. You can paint with confidence, knowing that your health and well-being are protected.

Endless Possibilities

Whether you’re a professional artist or a passionate hobbyist, Giorgione Watercolors offer endless possibilities for your artwork. Dive into the world of watercolor painting and let your creativity flow. Capture the beauty of Jordan’s landscapes, create intricate floral illustrations, or paint vivid portraits. With Giorgione Watercolors, your artistic journey knows no bounds.

Elevate your artistic journey with Giorgione Watercolors. Order now and immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors, smooth consistency, and endless artistic possibilities.


  • Product Name: Giorgione Watercolors - Vibrant and Smooth 12x6ml Tubes
  • Set Size: 12x6ml tubes
  • Color Options: Primary lemon yellow, titanium white, cadmium light red, primary magenta, cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, primary phthalo blue, cyan blue, yellow ochre, sap green, burnt umber, ivory black
  • Consistency: Very fine consistency for precise control
  • Safety Compliance: Conforms to European standards EN71 and American standards ASTMD-4236, ensuring non-toxic and safe painting
  • Origin: Made in China

Primary Lemon Yellow, Titanium White, Cadmium Light Red, Primary Magenta, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Primary Phthalo Blue, Cyan Blue, Yellow Ochre, Sap Green, Burnt Umber, Ivory Black

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