Purebred Mare painting

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“Purebred Mare” depicts a resilient symbol of strength amidst adversity, capturing the Gazan spirit with vibrant colors and powerful symbolism.

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In the heart of tumult and adversity, “Purebred Mare” emerges as a symbol of indomitable spirit and unwavering strength, embodying the resilience of the Gazan people facing the harsh realities of conflict. The canvas captures a moment in time, depicting a majestic white to yellow mare strutting boldly across an open expanse.

The mare, a beacon of pride and defiance, commands attention with each step, embodying the spirit of a spirited and stubborn warrior. The full figure of the mare is brought to life with strokes that reflect both grace and determination, as if charging forward against the currents of challenge. Her coat, transitioning from white to yellow, symbolizes purity and endurance amidst the trials.

The ground beneath the mare holds a mysterious dance of colors, resembling small fires flickering in shades of yellow, orange, red, and black. These flames seem to direct away from the mare, perhaps mirroring the turmoil and resistance present in the land of Gaza. Each flicker may represent the collective strength of a community facing adversity, a testament to the enduring spirit that refuses to be extinguished.

The horizon, a blur of velvet and purple, reveals nothing but the vastness of the sky. This intentional obscurity may allude to the uncertain future, where hope and determination are the only constants. The sky, painted in regal shades, symbolizes the limitless potential and aspirations of a people yearning for freedom and peace.

The blazing eyes of the mare gaze towards the brilliance of the horizon, reflecting the unwavering resolve of a community with their sights set on a better tomorrow. Amidst the chaos, the mare leaps and strides, determined to reach triumph, with hurricanes breaking around, symbolizing the relentless struggle against oppressive forces.

The title, “Purebred Mare,” becomes a metaphor for the purity of purpose, the unyielding spirit, and the inherent beauty found within the heart of resistance. This painting, with its rich symbolism and vibrant colors, serves as a powerful tribute to the strength and endurance of the Gazan people, urging viewers to contemplate the resilience that emerges even in the face of adversity.

Gazans mares

Neighing, then a charge Charges

followed by victory

A spirited, stubborn mare charging,

defiant Her blazing eyes towards the brilliance of the horizon

Dust penetrated by overwhelming volcanoes

She leaps, strides, determined to reach triumph

With hurricanes breaking until the assured destination


Oil on Canvas Painting

Size : 30*40 cm

Artist: Safa Bani Issa

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