Maram Hassan

Maram Hassan



Internal art exhibition participations

4 personal exhibitions: an exhibition under the name (Expression) dated 7/2012 under the patronage of the President of Yarmouk University / Diamond University Yarmouk University

, The Personal Exhibition (Lamsat) on 11/2012 sponsored by the Director of Culture of Irbid , Prof. Ali Odeh /Bait Arar Cultural House, the personal exhibition (messages) on /4/2014, Al-Wan Holy 2021, Hakaya of the 7/2022 under the patronage of Irbid, capital of Arab culture.

44 joint exhibitions: inside Jordan in several Galleries

Exterior: Exhibition in Ukraine 2016 organized by the Embassy of the State of Palestine

The GOLDEN BRUSH, under the patronage of the Advisor to the Turkish Minister of Culture in Ankara, Turkey, on 1st of 4th of 2019

The Golden Brush / Turkey Ankara

Under the auspices of the Ambassador of Jordan in Turkey. Ambassador of Lebanon to Turkey

Exhibition at the League of Arab States in Egypt on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People 29/11/2022

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